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    Report on the series of entrance education activities of the school of materials in 2020

    From September 11 to 15, 2020, the enrollment education activities of 2020 undergraduate students in Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) School of material science and engineering came to a successful end with the collaborative efforts of college leaders, teachers, counselors and new volunteers.

    Freshman registration: Hello, 2020 freshman

    At 6:00 a.m. on September 11, counselors and volunteers gathered at the gate of Pingshan No.2 road school. After completing the arrangement of the orientation point, the orientation work was officially started. The volunteers have a clear division of labor and make concerted efforts to wait for the arrival of new students with full spirit.

    Layout of orientation points

    Eye catching signs help freshmen to find "organization" in the first time; carefully prepared custom-made card package with the contact information of counselors; check-in procedures - get "freshman gift bag" - go to the dormitory to settle in. Each link has the enthusiastic one-on-one help from the corresponding volunteers, and the one-stop thoughtful service makes the registration work of freshmen extremely smooth.

    Welcome scene

    At 8:00 a.m., the sudden rainstorm did not dampen the enthusiasm of the volunteers. The receptionists put on their raincoats and continued to welcome the new students. The staff also sent disposable raincoats to the parents who saw off at the school gate, which made the parents feel the warmth of the school. In the process of the new year, the volunteers actively provide services and answer questions for students with a warm and friendly attitude. At 12:00 a.m., all 28 freshmen of grade 2020 in the school of materials science and engineering all reported for duty, and the orientation work was successfully completed.

    The orientation work is in progress

    Answer questions and solve doubts: the original university life is like this

    On the afternoon of September 11, the meeting of new counselors was held as scheduled. Counselor Shi bingruo officially met with the freshmen, and made a brief self introduction to answer the freshmen's doubts about school learning and life. The humorous language style of the counselors makes the meeting atmosphere very relaxed and relieves the freshmen's tension.

    On the afternoon of September 12, Teaching Secretary Zhou Haonan carried out course selection education for freshmen. The diversity and openness of university courses have deeply attracted the new buddies who have just come out of the hard study of senior three. The students enthusiastically asked questions, and Mr. Zhou Haonan answered them patiently. The whole course selection education was carried out smoothly. Through teacher Zhou Haonan's explanation, the freshmen have a preliminary understanding of the course selection methods and specific courses, and for the first time, they have realized the meaning of the school motto of "strict standards, good Kung Fu".

    Ice breaking activities: more advice in the next four years

    At 18:30 p.m. on September 12, in order to help the freshmen get to know each other and enhance the friendship among students, the freshmen of 2020 carried out ice breaking activities in classroom t5306. Li and Wang Jiaqi presided over the activity, and several senior students of grade 16, 17, 18 and 19 participated in the activity. In the activity, we were divided into four groups, under the leadership of the host, "self introduction", "listen to the song to recognize music", "you ask me answer", "you draw I guess" four small games. During the activity, the atmosphere was lively, applause and laughter came and went. Through this ice breaking activity, the freshmen deepened their understanding of each other, established a good relationship with each other, and quickly integrated into the warm and warm family of the school of materials.

    Group photo of ice breaking activities

    After the ice breaking activity, yuan Qunhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, and Shi bingruo, a counselor, went to the dormitory of grade 2020 freshmen to conduct in-depth communication with the freshmen and give advice on all aspects of life and study.

    Group photo

    The first class meeting: please feel free to hand over the class work to me

    On the morning of September 13, the freshmen of grade 2020 and the teacher Xu Chengyan, the head teacher, formally met at the meeting of the head teacher. After making a humorous self introduction, Mr. Xu Chengyan briefly introduced the abundant teaching staff of the school of materials science and engineering to the freshmen. The freshmen were filled with admiration and pride.

    Professor Xu Chengyan, the head teacher, is explaining the composition of the Department to the students

    Then, in the witness of the head teacher, the class committee election began in full swing. The freshmen enthusiastically signed up, participated actively, and gave speeches in turn. Finally, the whole class voted to elect six class committee members. The atmosphere of class meeting is relaxed and active, and it is very happy.

    Group photo of elected class committee

    College impression: great, my school of materials

    On the afternoon of September 13, the opening ceremony of Freshmen in one school and three districts started simultaneously, and all the freshmen of the College of 2020 arrived at the scene to observe the ceremony. In Harbin, Shenzhen and Weihai, the representatives of undergraduate, master and doctoral students delivered a generous speech. President Zhou Yu and Secretary Xiong's first lesson at the beginning of the school benefited a lot. The profound and practical academic atmosphere of Harbin Institute of technology infected every freshman present.

    On the afternoon of September 15, all the leaders of the school of materials science and engineering and the freshmen gathered together to hold a meeting of college leaders. First of all, the freshmen reported their families, and then Mr. Yuan Qunhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, gave a brief introduction to the overall situation of the school, so that the freshmen had a more in-depth understanding of the organizational structure, faculty, and scientific research platform of the school.

    On site of the meeting of College Leaders

    Yuan Qunhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee, introduced the scientific research platform of the college for freshmen

    At the meeting, Mr. Ji Hongjun, Secretary of the Party committee, also launched an elementary education on joining the party and Shenzhen spirit education. He described the history and mission of the party in detail, introduced the basic requirements and process of joining the party to the students, and then interpreted the pioneering and pioneering spirit of reform and opening-up in Shenzhen, and answered the common doubts of freshmen Students have a more systematic understanding of the party's knowledge, and call on students to join the party actively,ignited the enthusiasm of new students to join the party.

    Ji Hongjun, Secretary of the Party committee, is carrying out the enlightenment education of joining the party

    International exchange planning: another possibility of my life

    At the noon of September 22, all the 2020 undergraduate freshmen from the school of materials science and engineering and the school of economic management listened to teachers Huang Bingbing and Yu Jing from the school's International Affairs Office / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan office In the lecture of "international exchange planning", the teachers systematically introduced the international exchange situation of the school from four aspects: how far is the international exchange distance from us, what channel to get funding from, how should I make long-term planning and why I choose international exchange. There is a lot of goods in our school.

    Lecture on international exchange planning

    In 2020, Harbin Institute of technology ushered in her 100th birthday, 18-year-old Hushen ushered in the 18-year-old 2020 freshmen. In 2020, the school of materials, which has injected fresh blood, will surely glow with different brilliance!

    The future is bright, the future can be expected!