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    Congratulations! Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Doctoral Dissertation online defense "first battle" won

    "Congratulations on your successful defense!" On March 18, after more than two hours of defense, Gu Jiahui, a 2016 doctoral candidate from the school of materials science and engineering, completed the online defense of his graduation thesis at his home in Weihai, Shandong Province, becoming the first doctoral student to taste the "cloud defense" in Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen).

    "I was very excited and happy when I heard that all the votes were passed." Gu Jiahui said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, she was worried about the delay of graduation defense, but soon the school gave the graduates reassurance. According to the spirit of relevant documents issued by the Ministry of education and Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) has formulated a detailed "operation manual" for the opening, mid-term examination, pre defense and defense of postgraduate dissertations through remote network in order to ensure that students graduate on schedule and apply for degrees.

    In order to ensure the smooth progress of the first online defense, the academic affairs department and the college set up a preparatory group to communicate with professors of the oral defense committee one month in advance, coordinate the installation of equipment, send defense materials, and organize trial lectures for many times. "I practiced in the mirror many times myself." Gu Jiahui said that as the first doctor graduate of "cloud defense", her heart was inevitably a little nervous at first. Seeing that the school had made sufficient preparations for this, her heart gradually became more and more solid.

    On the day of the defense, the eight members of the Defense Committee crossed the space limit through the video conference platform and realized "zero distance" communication. Focusing on the title of the paper "silver nanowire grid low temperature bonding method and the performance of transparent electromagnetic shielding film", Gu Jiahui reported the main content of the paper, calmly answered and explained the questions raised by the committee members, and the whole process was compact, orderly and smooth. After online discussion and voting, the members agreed that their research results, dissertations and defense process met the requirements of doctoral degree, and suggested that the degree committee should confer a doctoral degree.

    As the "host" of the online defense and a member of the defense committee, Professor Ji Hongjun said that the process of the defense was tense, the content was rich, and the order was in order. All the procedures and processes were the same as those of the offline defense. The respondent explained the topic carefully and thoroughly, and the effect was very good.

    This new online "cloud defense" attracted more than 40 teachers and students to "sit in", which made Gu Jiahui "deeply impressed and unforgettable for life". "Thanks to the on-line reply, I sincerely thank the school for its timely arrangement and teachers' guidance and help. I also want to connect with the students who are going to carry out the" cloud defense "and say, come on! Don't be nervous. I wish you all a successful graduation Gu Jiahui said.

    Gu Jiahui has already contacted the working unit and will stay in Shenzhen after graduation to contribute to the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area!


    The school publishes the thesis defense notice on the official website


    Report of Gu Jiahui, the respondent



    Members of the Defense Committee and the respondent face to face Online


    Online statistics of voting results



    Screenshot of defense process