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    "Youth shining, dream setting sail" fluorescent night running activity was successfully held

    On the evening of November 1, "Youth shining, Dream Setting Sail" fluorescent night running activity sponsored by the School of Materials Science and Engineering was successfully held in the university city. Undergraduate counselor Shi Bingruo is the instructor of this activity, and 2017 grade undergraduate Xu Shiyun is the project leader of this activity. All 2020 grade undergraduates and some other undergraduates of the other three grades participated in the night running activity.

    At 18:30 PM, the staff of the activity have arrived at classroom T5304 and HIT fountain Square to arrange the site and prepare the items to ensure the smooth progress of the activity. Soon after, students in the fluorescent night run began arriving at the classroom to receive fluorescent sticks, fluorescent hair bands, and customized fluorescent bracelets with the stickers. The rich dress up material stimulated the classmate "creation desire". In the happy atmosphere, the students gave full play to their imagination and competed with each other to decorate each other with fluorescent powder, fluorescent crayons and fluorescent stickers, completing their own extremely creative "fluorescent makeup".

    After the fluorescent dressing, zhou Qihang, who was in charge of the lead, led the students to the open space downstairs for warm-up exercises, and held a running ceremony in front of the main building. At 20 o 'clock, the night run officially began. The students rushed out uneasily, becoming a beautiful scenery in the university town night.

    The running route is about 3 kilometers long, starting from the open space in front of the main building and ending at HIT Fountain Square. But within 15 minutes, the faster students had reached the finish line, and those who enjoyed jogging and the night scenery along the way had also reached the finish line before 2030. After arriving at the finishing line, the students gathered around the signs set up by the staff in advance and shared their fun and feelings about their recent study and life. At 21 o 'clock, all the students took a group photo and the activity ended successfully!

    Running map

    Students who dress each other up with fluorescent lights

    Group photo at the start-off ceremony

    Fluorescent night runners

    Sitting around easier

    Photo of staff